Introducing Your Total Wellness Architect

“Why me? Why not.”

This was how I shut down my indignation at how life treated me during the toughest two years stretch of my life, and when I finally broke on through to the other side it was me who was the victor.

I’m Rod Sims, THE total wellness architect whose biopsychosocial approach makes champions out of challengers. My methods are battle-tested, science proven and have given rise to many success stories, one of which is mine.

It started with a startling interruption. I was having dinner with my family when a series of harsh knocks sounded at the door. Next thing I knew, I was face to face with two police officers, telling me I’d have to come with them. At the time I was not aware what was in store for me – all I knew was that I was a good man, and there must have been a terrible mistake.

I would spend the better part of the next twelve to 15 months fighting to clear my name. I faced pressures that would have broken many-a-strong men, but it always came back to my approach: “Why me? Why not.” I’d much rather be the one suffering than be an onlooker. It would have been harder if instead of me, it was my brother, or my uncle, or my son, trying to prove their innocence – only to come back to a vastly changed world where the controversy and the conspiracy of the coronavirus pandemic had turned the concept of routine on its head.

Through all of this, I never bent and I never broke, and if anything my business did even better than it had before. This was because I’d applied my methods to strengthen one’s self as an entrepreneur and as a person:

· Leaning into your community for support.
· Interpreting obstacles as opportunities, not obstructions.
· Presenting a strong, self-assured front that attracts clients to your business.

Now I look back at those experiences and think, why me? Why did I prosper where so many of my friends in similar situations stumbled? And, you know… why not.

If you want to learn how to thrive under pressure and work through self-doubt to succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right guy.

Book a call with me today and let’s create a future befitting your ambition!

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