5 Bodyweight Exercises NOT To Do

Are you struggling with a sore shoulder, bad back? What about achy knees, or  tight Achilles tendon? If so, you must AVOID the 5 bodyweight exercises listed below.

In full support of you and your efforts, I want to keep you on a fat-burning track and save your from potential results-killing injuries at the same time. Make sure you read all of the short article below.

Ignoring this advice could not only be painful but it can also set you back weeks and cause months of frustration in the process. Avoid that and simply follow these cues. There’s no reason they won’t at least double your fat-burning workouts… almost instantly…

Enjoy the article!

#1 – High Rep Box Jumps where you are a human pogo-stick jumping on and back off the box with each rep.  This is one of my biggest physical fears because you never know when your Achilles will snap. If you don’t know yet, believe me, that’s easily one of the WORST injuries you can suffer.

#2 – Jumping exercises on concrete OR no jumping PERIOD if you are overweight – These will DESTROY your knees. Try using a rubber mat if you have to jump and even then try to land on the balls of your feet. Try jump(don’t even need a rope) roping instead, it’s much better on your joints and it’s a total body cardiovascular exercise.

#3 – Push-ups with your elbows flared out wide – Unless you’re a body builder, this “bodybuilder” version of push-ups will cause you immense grief in your shoulder joint, elbows and rotator cuff, just like the classic barbell bench press. Keep elbows to your sides instead.

#4 – Triceps dips(seated or chair) with your hands behind you on a bench – These also are terrible for your shoulder joint and rotator cuff muscles. Instead use dumbbells or a resistance band and do kickbacks or extensions.
#5 – Sit-ups & crunches & V-sits – These will cause you back problems, as I’ve written about in several previous articles. Neck pain is also inevitable as when tiring from doing these exercises, mechanics start to fail, putting stress and strain on everything but our abs. Do planks and mountain climbers instead.

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