Get Total Wellness Flex: On-Demand Coaching for Successful Entrepreneurs

One of the things I love most about my profession is the amount of smart people I get to work with because it gives me the opportunity to learn on quite certainly a consistent basis. I recently came across an exciting new coaching model that I wanted to share that allows me to bring together or unite two of my passions: the health and wellness coaching world and entrepreneurship. So whether you’re a realtor, an insurance guy or gal or perhaps you even sell little pink elephants door to door, my Total Wellness Flex Coaching On-Demand is an exciting new way you can work with me based on your needs, not based on prearranged schedules etc.

Rather than signing up for my yearlong or even six month long programs where we meet a specific number of times per month you can now schedule your meetings as needed!

How does this work?

You pay a set fee for one year access to my coaching – at a reduced rate! So rather than spending $150 to $300 per hour with me, you can now get access for much less – just by paying the small retainer fee.

In addition to that, you can schedule as often or as little as you like.

Based on your needs and budget, you get to decide when you need more help or less help.

Do you need more guidance and accountability or less?

Maybe you are busy at work for a couple of months… You aren’t wasting money on a monthly program because you don’t need coaching during that time.

Going on vacation? No problem because you only pay for coaching as you need it.

There are no ongoing monthly fees. You literally pay as you go.

Do you only need two hours of coaching this month? Then just pay for those two hours at the reduced hourly rate.

Need 4 hours for help with fine-tuning mindset? Nutritional guidance? Sleep routine have you doing more counting than sleeping? Just pay for those four hours at the reduced rate.

Need just one hour to check-in and make sure you’re still on the right track? Then for a small amount for that one hour you can do just that.

So how much is this new coaching model?

Well for only $1000 my clients will be given access to me for one full year at just $100 per 60 minute session. Plus, you will get your first five sessions included with the upfront cost! That means your first five sessions are free!

BUT – because this is a new launch and it’s my birthday, I’m gonna offer it for half price.

That means: for only $500 you get access to me for a full year for only…$50 per 60 minute session. That’s less a $1 a minute, honestly unheard of for this level coaching. PLUS I am still giving you the first 5 sessions at no added cost, since they are included in the upfront fee!

If all you do is use the five sessions that are included you are still getting a great deal – five hours of coaching for only $500! But, for every additional hour you spend with me and just 50 bucks per hour you are saving even more money!

**** YES, I want Total Wellness Flex Coaching On Demand ****

Why am I offering this package?

Honestly, I wanted to offer this program to begin the year but as has been the mode of the last couple years; life’s been unpredictable. Unforeseen, possibly divine delay of things lead me to now operate the majority of my business virtually like many others due to the pandemic. I spend half of the time, if not 75% of the time, coaching and the other 25% consulting.

So since I’m also offering more group coaching, I worked my schedule out so that at least two possibly three days out of the week I can continue to fit in new flex coaching clients, whether they be individuals or small groups.

The other part is I also wanted to utilize a new coaching model that would make sense for helping new coaches, agents, and Realtors. In addition I wanted to be able to package and sell the Total Wellness Audit so that I would have another tool for collecting data.

I know it’s a little later than I had intended for a ‘new year-new you’ sale but since my birthday is March the 12th it’s a great opportunity to ‘give the gift’ this year… so to speak. So, though it’s not a ‘new year new you’ deal, it’s still early enough in the year to where this coaching can have a significant impact on you and your business.

In fact there’s not even a specific sales page for this program right now just the link telling you about ways to pay but I will make my sales page when the price goes back to the regular price of $1000. So if you’re ready to get the best deal in coaching right now, (at least the best deal I’m aware of) and lock in five free sessions plus the ridiculously low discount rate $50 per session after that then click the link below or reach out to me at if you have questions about it.

**** YES, I want Total Wellness Flex Coaching On Demand ****

Summary of what you get

You pay just $500.

  • You get 5 free hour long sessions with me
  • you lock in your rate of only $50 per hour for the next 12 months
  • you save 50% on the upfront cost (regularly $1000)
  • and you save 50% on the hourly cost (regularly $100)


  • I will also include the Total Wellness Audit, an assessment tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the quality of your wellness practices and their impact on your business’s bottom line.

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