Memorable Reminders

Imagine being so busy with ‘life’ you stop noticing the small things? You get so into routine ruts til they become ditches and valleys. Today(through FitnessConnect), I met a wonderful woman, tired, upset, and a lil’ frustrated. She, like many of us, acknowledges that being healthier means being happy yet seeds of doubt, uncertainty, and a little fear sprout.

Life is tough, but our personal ‘tough’ or difficulty can’t nor should be compared to anyone else’s. Individually and personally we are still the first and last recipient or victim of our thoughts and actions whether they be positive or negative. Who needs enemies if we are already saying to ourselves ‘you can’t do it’ or ‘what are you thinking?’ Sometimes we are just like some of the most elaborate buildings we see, built on strong foundations of belief, hope, confidence, and expectation.  Every challenge is an opportunity, a barometer, a mirror.

While listening to her reason outloud as to why she wants this for herself: a new energy, a new focus and what she wants to do with the one ‘house’ that she gets to live in for the rest of her life, I was reminded of why I LOVE what I do. I get to help people live the life they want and deserve to live…and live full lives while they get to do what they love with those they care about most.

Are you still aiming high? Or are you settling into a ditch mentally, physically, emotionally? Is your social and spiritual lives a valley? Step back, breath, look at the situation. What is one single thing you can do today to rebuild confidence, to renew focus, to regain clarity? What would it mean to you to rejuvenate performance in EVERY aspect of your life?

Thanks to sites and resources like IdeaFit, you don’t have to wonder WHAT to do and try to figure it out by yourself. The only real question is WHEN? Remember why it’s important to you. Is it an interest or is it a COMMITMENT?

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