Having to buy new pants and belts is really a welcome problem to have

So I’ve recently had the privilege of training with Rod and I can tell you he is really awesome to work with and a great guy. His workouts are tough, but effective. Being new to personal training, I’ve found that working with a trainer brings a whole new level of challenge to your workout that you can’t get from working out with machines or videos. It’s harder to cheat because he is right there watching and correcting your form. He will test both your strength and endurance, and has shown me alot of different exercises and moves that I hadn’t seen or done before. Since working out with Rod, I’ve lost 10 lbs which is a major deal since I’ve been the same weight for years until now. Also I’ve noticed my core has shrunken and gotten more toned to where my pants are loose and my belts need new holes in them to hold the pants up, lol! Having to buy new pants and belts is really a welcome problem to have and a great excuse to go shopping! Lastly but most important to me is I’ve noticed my overall energy has improved which is something that you can’t buy, and the real reason why I’ve made a commitment to exercise, eat better, and get healthier. Having more energy means that I can be more effective at my job and in my life as a whole. If you’re on the fence about personal training, you need to give it a try with Rod, he will make you a believer. Thank you Rod, you rock! =)

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