Your health will change, self esteem, image and more…..

Once I had passed the 250 mark in my weight my self esteem dropped so low and I was miserable, I tried all kinds of things to lose weight but always ended eating it all back, I felt there was no chance for me to get the weight off. I was talking to my aunt one day and she told me about Rod and I became so excited and at the same time wondering will it really work. I started working out, changed my eating habits around January 2011, he showed me different plans and exercises to get me back on track and where I needed to be. Since I have started it has really boosted my confidence and I and many others see major results, It’s like every time I run into someone I’m getting great compliments. Rod is awesome and I would tell the world about him, if your serious and want a change in your life with great results he is well recommended. I was wearing size 20 and within 3mos I could get into size 14 and dropped dress sizes. I see nothing but success as I continue my journey to get the weight off, everything he has taught me I would not change at all, I feel so much better about myself. I can say try him and see you wont be disappointed…. Your health will change, self esteem, image and more…..

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