He has balanced my lifestyle, emotional, and physical circumstances

Rod and I have been working together for a year now. I would give him top marks in every category of a fitness trainer and wellness coach. I am 69 years old and sight-impaired, and he has made appropriate allowances. He has balanced my lifestyle, emotional, and physical circumstances. In July, I completed a 9 week regime of radiation for a small cancer. Rod was able to keep me going and staying focused and working out vigorously. The variety of exercises aimed at building balance and resistance.

Walter Ashby
McKinney, TX

What sets him apart is his leadership, sincerity, and ambition

This man, Rod Sims, is an inspiration, all around. He has taught me a great deal about taking care of, and maintaining my overall health. He's a teacher. He's a mentor. What sets him apart is his leadership, sincerity, and ambition. Even more so, his ability and willingness to lead by example. He injects himself into the physical, mental, and spiritual realms of those, like myself, who not only want to transform our bodies, but change our lifestyles. Our way of thinking. I appreciate the fact that he genuinely cares about the well-being of others. He's my Coach. He's my friend. I am so happy to know him. GOD BLESS ROD SIMS!!!

-Precious G

I beat a personal record in a half marathon this last October in San Francisco

In January of this year I received some disheartening news about my physical health. Even though I have been an endurance athlete for many years racing in triathlons, marathons and century rides my weight and blood pressure were a cause of concern. I made a life style choice to eat better and be more attentive to my physical fitness. Enter Rod. The training with Rod has helped my physical fitness in ways that surprise me to this day. I have not quit racing in endurance events. However, because of Rod's attention to detail my strength and stamina have improved! I beat a personal record in a half marathon this last October in San Francisco. With few places to train for the hills in Texas, Rod's strength training was crucial in running, not walking I'm proud to say, the hills in San Francisco. Overall my average run pace has improved from a 13 min/mile to an 11 min/mile! That's a big deal to me!! Especially since the only new addition to my training is Rod. Thank you Rod for helping me not only reach my overall health goal (weight is down 19 lbs and blood pressure is good), but helping believe that I can achieve more!! I'm looking forward to our next session!

-Annita M.

Having to buy new pants and belts is really a welcome problem to have

So I've recently had the privilege of training with Rod and I can tell you he is really awesome to work with and a great guy. His workouts are tough, but effective. Being new to personal training, I've found that working with a trainer brings a whole new level of challenge to your workout that you can't get from working out with machines or videos. It's harder to cheat because he is right there watching and correcting your form. He will test both your strength and endurance, and has shown me alot of different exercises and moves that I hadn't seen or done before. Since working out with Rod, I've lost 10 lbs which is a major deal since I've been the same weight for years until now. Also I've noticed my core has shrunken and gotten more toned to where my pants are loose and my belts need new holes in them to hold the pants up, lol! Having to buy new pants and belts is really a welcome problem to have and a great excuse to go shopping! Lastly but most important to me is I've noticed my overall energy has improved which is something that you can't buy, and the real reason why I've made a commitment to exercise, eat better, and get healthier. Having more energy means that I can be more effective at my job and in my life as a whole. If you're on the fence about personal training, you need to give it a try with Rod, he will make you a believer. Thank you Rod, you rock! =)

- Alex G.

Rod has given me that edge!

It's been years since I've done much physical exercise. I'd run 5K's about twelve years ago and every now and then would try and run a bit around the neighborhood. My wife signed us both up to work with Rod a while ago and I can proudly say through him I've lost 17 pounds, can walk up stairs without huffing and puffing and feel great! I'm looking for a new position and any little edge I can get over other 55 year olds in the job search I'll take. Rod has given me that edge! Thanks, Rod!

-David C.

Rod continues to show me how I can gain strength, lose weight and not get hurt

I contacted Rod in January to help my husband and I develop a workout routine. Our schedules are crazy and I did not want to join a health club as I had done in the past. I have neck and back problems and was concerned that I would hurt them more with strength exercises but Rod continues to show me how I can gain strength, lose weight and not get hurt. I have been amazed at the results that I have achieved without having to go to the gym for hours each day. Rod has motivated my husband to workout which has been wonderful! Did I mention we're in our mid-50's?!

-Denise C.

Rod works with my son as if my son is his only student

I found Rod through this website while looking for a trainer to work with my 12 yr old son. Rod agreed to work with my son to improve his overall fitness and agility for football, basketball and baseball. Thanks to Rod, my son has improved his fitness and athleticism, but what's so much more important than his physical gains is the confidence boost my son has gotten from his work with Rod. My son was soft spoken when he first met Rod, but now he walks into a room with his head high and will speak to his friends or teachers or coaches about his goals and the work he's willing to do to achieve those goals. My sons confidence is what impresses me the most.

Also, I have to say I'm equally impressed with Rod's ability to work with young people. Rod does not have unrealistic expectations for my son even though he's qualified to work with professional athletes Rod works with my son as if my son is his only student. Rod's flexibility around my son's school and sports schedule has been amazing. I'll never forget Rod drove 40 miles after church on a Sunday to do an initial assessment at our house! What else can I say except: if you want to work with a true pro and someone who will care about you and your goals jump on board with Rod! You'll be glad you did!

Jon M.
Howe, TX

I was motivated to workout for the first time in my life

Rod is such an excellent motivator, personal trainer, and coach. I didn't have much weight to lose but wanted to get into better shape and be more fit. Although the workouts were intense and grueling, he used various techniques to keep them interesting. It was tough going through the workouts he designed but the results outweighed everything.

I was motivated to workout for the first time in my life and actually looked forward to them because I never knew what we would do next. No two workouts were ever the same. He truly showed me the value of a good personal trainer. I would highly recommend Rod to anyone!

-Nathaniel B.

I contacted Rod after having my first baby

I contacted Rod after having my first baby. I needed to lose my baby weight and get back to working out. It was fairly easy to get back in track with Rods motivation and workout routines. He was able to work around my work schedule and my babies’ schedule. I was able to lose my baby weight and obtain healthier habits.
Rod is a very good trainer and is able to work with people who are really in shape and those of us who are not. He was able to train my mom and was able to target her needs. I’m really thankful that I was able to find support in Rod. I would recommend him if you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight, or simply improve your fitness level. He knows what he is doing!

-Kristal J.

I had reached a point in my life that gastric bypass was becoming inevitable

I contacted Rod because I had reached a point in my life that gastric bypass was becoming inevitable if I did not do something about my weight. I did not want to have surgery. I wanted a change of life style and thought with the right personal trainer I could win the battle against obesity.

On my 45th birthday, I contacted Rod and made an appointment to interview him. To be successful, I needed to partner with the right personal trainer. I am glad to say that I found the best personal trainer for me. Rod is very supportive and encouraging which enables him to help me obtain physical, nutritional, and emotional wellness. I was so impressed with Rod that I introduced him to my sister and niece. They too fell in love with his personality and his ability to make exercise fun, but effective.

I have a long way to go, but I am confident that I will get there with Rod’s help. If you are in the market for a personal trainer, I would encourage you to give Rod a try. Rod cares and wants his clients to be successful in becoming healthy. I look forward to continuing my journey with Rod. He is a great coach and personal trainer; overall a great person.

- Angela H.
Dallas, TX

Wanted to let everyone know how amazing Rod is

Wanted to let everyone know how amazing Rod is...such a positive person all while being realistic! I have lost over 30 pounds in the last year and told Rod I needed to lose more weight and have the right measurements. He immediately said "that is a thing of the past and you have to be happy with yourself first." He is always willing to provide upbeat positive encouragement which is exactly what is needed when a lifestyle change has occurred. Thanks for all you do Rod!


-Raquel T.
Lockton Companies

...can’t explain what a blessing Rod has been to me

Rod is a wealth of information and I love his holistic approach! He is authentic and genuinely cares about his clients. He has helped me be healthy in all areas of my life (physical, nutrition, thinking and feeling) and calls it total wellness, it’s awesome. I can’t explain what a blessing Rod has been to me. I’ve worked out with other trainers and no one compares to Rod, it’s nice to have a personal trainer that really cares about the whole picture and not just about how much weight or inches I’ve lost but how I’m feeling, how I’m sleeping and what I’m eating. Rod has helped me realize its not just about losing weight, it’s about changing your life style so that when you do lose the weight and change your body it stays that way. Rod is one of a kind and I recommend him to all my friends and family! -Shawna L.

- Shawna L.

Numerous things about Rod are impressive

I had the pleasure of Rod training myself and some co-workers for several months. Numerous things about Rod are impressive. First and foremost, he is passionate about fitness and it SHOWS. Add his vast knowledge of fitness in all areas, physical, emotional and nutrition, and you are going to get the total package. He pushed me and had me doing things I had NO clue I was even capable of, since I was so out of shape and in my late forties. I was also impressed and grateful that he was helping us on his own time at 6am, before going to his regular place of employment. He didn't have to do this. He offered because he cares so much about fitness and enjoys helping others. He was born to do this for a living. And one more thing, he is just a darn good person! Luv ya Rod!

Diana T-
McKinney, Texas

He listens and understands your needs

Rod is a great trainer, he has helped me understand what I need for my body type and to get the results that I want.  He listens and understands your needs. Which is very important in his line of work.

Vertis T-
McKinney, Texas

Your health will change, self esteem, image and more.....

Once I had passed the 250 mark in my weight my self esteem dropped so low and I was miserable, I tried all kinds of things to lose weight but always ended eating it all back, I felt there was no chance for me to get the weight off. I was talking to my aunt one day and she told me about Rod and I became so excited and at the same time wondering will it really work. I started working out, changed my eating habits around January 2011, he showed me different plans and exercises to get me back on track and where I needed to be. Since I have started it has really boosted my confidence and I and many others see major results, It’s like every time I run into someone I'm getting great compliments. Rod is awesome and I would tell the world about him, if your serious and want a change in your life with great results he is well recommended. I was wearing size 20 and within 3mos I could get into size 14 and dropped dress sizes. I see nothing but success as I continue my journey to get the weight off, everything he has taught me I would not change at all, I feel so much better about myself. I can say try him and see you wont be disappointed.... Your health will change, self esteem, image and more.....

Shanta E-
McKinney, Texas

I'm a single mother of a toddler and work full time.

I'm a single mother of a toddler and work full time. I have always been fit and maintained a healthy lifestyle. After I had my son, my life took an unsuspected turn and depression hit hard. I started having bad eating habits and did not have time to work out in a gym. I had always been a size 8 and I went up to a size 12.  I met Rod in college and years later ran into him and he told me he's owner of Billboardz Wellness 360. I told Rod my situation, and that I did not like how I looked and felt about myself. Also, I have lost a pant size and feeling very confident about myself again. I am continuing my progress and sharing my goals to Rod, my family, and friends.

Kendra B-
Carrolton, Texas

My primary goal at that time was to simply lose weight

I first started working out with Rod in April 2010 as a part of a live healthy program at work. My primary goal at that time was to simply lose weight in preparation for a vacation. Well, Rod quickly made it clear that he was more concerned with my health and wellness. He tried to tell me over and over to stop focusing on the scale and focus on my health, but I, like so many other women wanting to lose weight, was controlled by appearance alone.
Over the months we discussed proper nutrition, the risks associated with being inactive and overweight, and the general need to take control of my health and fitness. If you ask me today why I continue to exercise, it won't be because of weightloss...it will be because I want to live a totally healthy lifestyle and in the process the weight will naturally disappear. Rod helped me to reprioritize my health and fitness goals from the inside out and instead of the other way around.
Since working with Rod, I've gone from tipping the scales at 221 pounds to 179 pounds. And, I know it will only get better from here!

Aretha H-

Rod is an AWESOME trainer

After getting up to 248 lbs. and wearing a size 22-24, I didn't think I would ever be able to lose weight or get into a comfortable size again. I worked out occasionally but didn't really have a lot of time to devote to a serious fitness program or cooking healthy meals because of work and my children's after school activities.  About the time I really decided to do something about my appearance, I contacted Rod and after speaking with him he customized a program that enabled me to lose the weight I wanted and needed to and quickly. He designed a workout specifically for me that not only focused on my "problem areas" but got my WHOLE body balanced and toned. I really learned about working out safely. Rod made sure I knew EXACTLY how the exercise is done properly so I could get it right and get the maximum benefit from each rep. And after only 4 months, the changes in my physical appearance are really impressive and my confidence has been boosted enormously. I am now in a size 8 and 60 lbs lighter!!!
Rod is an AWESOME trainer and coach and I recommend him to everyone who is serious about reaching your fitness goals.

Tamica K-

He offers a very professional service to his clients

"Rod is a very unique and experienced Trainer. He offers a very professional service to his clients. Rod also has a great deal of knowledge about the fitness industry. He as well adds a twist to his training style and techniques that is very interesting to his clients." September 25, 2008

I am 72 years old and still go to the gym daily

"When I first met Rod in December of 2003 I weighed in at 244 pounds. At 5' 11" was I ever fat! Rod started me out slowly and encouraged me to change my lifestyle and eating habits. He worked with me as my personal trainer for more than a year and my weight began to drop. Thanks to his guidance and counseling I continued to eat right and exercise as much as possible so that last year I achieved my goal of 182 pounds. A weight loss of more than 60 pounds! My health has improved dramatically ( I no longer take blood pressure medicine) and I no longer dread my annual visit to the doctor.
All of this because Rod was thorough enough in my training so that I kept on doing what he taught me.
I will always be thankful to Rod for, as my doctor says, adding years to my life as a result of his training.

P.S. I am 72 years old and still go to the gym daily when I am not on the road doing consulting work." July 24, 2009

Stu S-

He was very conscientious

He was very conscientious and took our health considerations into account before formulating workouts and tailored everything to suit. He's very knowledgeable about health and wellness and always surprises with new and innovative techniques. I would highly recommend him both as a personal trainer or other wellness related professional and as a gentleman." July 27, 2009

Don D -
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